Help protect children from gang violence in Central America

There is a silent crisis in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that threatens an entire generation of children.

Gang warfare and savage violence have transformed the Northern Triangle of Central America into one of the most dangerous places on earth. Young boys are recruited as lookouts before being turned into killers when they get older. Girls are kidnapped, coerced to traffic drugs and exploited as sexual slaves.

In a desperate attempt to keep their children safe, thousands of parents have fled with their families. In some cases, children have made the perilous journey alone. Traumatized by the brutality they witnessed and the risk they took to escape, they feel helpless.

The UN Refugee Agency is providing protection, shelter, legal assistance, healthcare and more. USA for UNHCR aims to connect Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency to help refugees forced to flee, like those escaping Central America.

Show your compassion for those fleeing violence. Sign this petition to stand #WithRefugees. Use your voice to shine a light on the atrocities being committed in Central America and the plight of these thousands of children and families in desperate need.
I cannot — and I will not — stand by as savage gang violence destroys the lives of children in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Central America’s children deserve our protection — not to be forced to become murderers, drug traffickers and sex slaves.

I will shine a light on these atrocities. I will not be silent.

I stand with the UN Refugee Agency in their mission to reach everyone in need with lifesaving aid and protection.

I stand with the UN Refugee Agency to ensure every refugee child gets an education.

I stand with the UN Refugee Agency to ensure every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.

I stand with the UN Refugee Agency to ensure every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community.

I stand #WithRefugees.
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Firma la petizione
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