Help expand career opportunities for people with disabilities and create a more inclusive society for all!

Join Melwood's mission to break down barriers and advance inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace! Studies have shown that empowering people with disabilities in the workforce creates more sustainable economies and inclusive communities. Stigmas, stereotypes and outdated policies persist, contributing to a significant unemployment rate, exclusion and isolation for people with disabilities, having broader ripple effects on workforce gaps and economic disparities. For example, discriminatory policies like the sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities, and limited opportunities for growth and building wealth, contribute to a workforce landscape that continues to leave people with disabilities sidelined and undervalued.

Your support will help us ensure that these individuals feel prepared to enter the workforce and accommodated in their positions. You will also help us advocate for policy changes that promote greater integration of people with disabilities. Join Melwood's fight today and help us build more inclusive workplaces!
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Firma la petizione
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