No National Security Briefings for Trump!

While it may be tradition for presidential nominees to receive intelligence briefings, this is no time for business as usual. It would be downright dangerous for Donald Trump to access sensitive, classified national security information.

Trump's tenure in the White House was riddled with instances of mishandling classified information, from revealing secrets to foreign officials to facing indictments for keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Don't forget: Trump is facing 40 criminal charges for mishandling classified documents as we speak — including 32 felonies under the Espionage Act.

That's not all — there's no legal requirement to allow Trump or any other candidate this level of access. But the idea that someone with his track record, at a moment with global tensions so high, would be handed some of our most sensitive information simply for the sake of tradition is beyond bewildering.

Simply put, allowing Trump to receive intelligence briefings is gambling with the safety of the United States and its people. It is a risk we cannot afford to take. That's why it's time to speak out now.

Add your name to help prioritize safety and security over any misguided notions of courtesy or tradition. Tell the U.S. intelligence agencies: Donald Trump must not be given access to classified intelligence briefings.
To U.S. Intelligence Agencies:

Donald Trump cannot be trusted with sensitive information. I urge you to deny him access to classified information and national security briefings.

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