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For decades, lack of access to education has left Haiti starved for the leadership it needs to address its many social, political, and environmental problems. In a nation ravaged by poverty, social unrest, and environmental hardships, education in Haiti has fallen behind. Without the proper education and tools they need to thrive, Haiti's young citizens fall into an endless cycle of poverty and disenfranchisement.

HELP began with a single donation: tuition and books for a promising young Haitian woman with a dream of studying medicine. Growing up this young woman was so poor she sometimes couldn't afford to eat. When she and her family visited the local clinic, the staff treated them poorly because of their circumstances. She imagined starting her own clinic where all patients would be regarded with kindness and respect.

Thanks to the donation from her English teacher, HELP founder Conor Bohan, that young woman—Dr. Isemonde Joseph—was able to complete her medical degree in 2005. She went on to work at a clinic in Port-Au-Prince, treating patients with compassionate skill.

HELP believes the best way to build a brighter future for Haiti is through elevating the people who understand those issues best: its citizens. We have grown to support the transformation of over 200 students like Dr. Isemonde Joseph, providing them with full tuition, housing, living stipends, textbooks, and supplies. HELP also provides each student with English, IT and Citizenship & Leadership classes, taught by HELP faculty. This education prepares students to work toward creating a more just society in Haiti, as they pursue careers that position them to contribute to their communities.

Sign our petition if you share our vision: a Haiti where every Haitian has access to quality education, the opportunity to live up to their potential, and the ability to contribute to a just and prosperous society.
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Firma la petizione
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