Child Poverty Is a Policy Choice

11 million children across the U.S. are living in poverty. 

Every day, their parents are forced to make impossible choices to survive.  

Expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC) would protect kids from hunger, homelessness and learning loss. With this life-changing relief, families wouldn't have to sacrifice essentials. 

Tell Congress: Child poverty is a policy choice. Expand the CTC!  

To whom it may concern: 

11 million children nationwide live in poverty, facing hunger, homelessness and learning loss. This crisis is especially devastating in rural America, where 1 in 4 kids under five are impacted. 

We've seen the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) slash child poverty in half, helping families across the nation afford essentials like safe housing and nutritious food. But child poverty has nearly DOUBLED since this life-changing relief expired.   

The Smith-Wyden proposal is Congress's opportunity to improve the CTC once more. Of particular importance are the moves to a "per-child" phase-in to ensure low-income families receive the same credit for each child – as higher-income families already do – as well as eventually indexing all parts of the CTC to inflation.   

These changes would lift an estimated 500,000 kids or more out of poverty by 2025! Over 1 in 5 children under 17 would benefit, as well as more than 1 in 3 Black, Latinx and American Indian & Alaskan Native children. With increased access to nutrition and education, their physical, social and emotional well-being will skyrocket. 

Child poverty is a policy choice. I urge you to include expansions to the CTC, especially for low-income families, in any upcoming tax package.

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