I demand the end of killing the wolves! President Biden was supposed to over turn Trump on killing these beautiful creatures

  • da: Geraldine Eastin
  • destinatario: Wolves all over in the US and other countries

Two days ago two wolf pups were shit from the air and killed for so reason! There are planning more attacks on these beautiful creatures of God! They don't kill us the don't don't kill live stock either it's a myth! President Biden even promised his grandchildren this would stop but t hasn't. If you keep killing the ecosystem will not prevail and other animals won't survive the rivers will stop flowing in the direction they are supposed to flow! We will see less birds again and even fish, The eagles will go distinct along with the wolves! This needs to stop so we can see butterflies birds and squirrels and many other animals because the wolves help keep them alive . If you want to stop something try the deer the raccoons the possums the rats and the people that kill these wolves! We want the ecosystem to stay so rivers flow in the right direction and the birds sing and flowers grow! The deer will b3 able to liv3 off the land the red fixes will return to their habitat all of the the beautiful thing will come back to life but If you kill these beautiful wolves the world and it's beauty will change! The wolves also keep the Coyotes out of the city President Biden we need your help now not tomorrow not yesterday we need it now stop these killing wolves. I will fight for the wolves until the day I die! They need to be brought back to the habitat that they know and they will help the world and the ecosystem!

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