Europe: Stop Funding Russia's War!

Russia's full scale invasion of Ukraine has now been going on for over 6 months. This conflict, like the climate emergency, is being boosted by one of Russia's key exports: fossil fuels.

The US and EU have announced measures to stop money from Russian oil from fuelling the war - but EU sanctions have yet to take effect: Russia can continue to rely on a steady flow of billions of Euros for its fossil fuels.

Russian revenues from fossil fuels are through the roof, doubling in the first 100 days of the war. Whilst energy giants report massive profits, people are struggling with their energy bills. A top UN climate scientist from Ukraine has called on world leaders to make a bigger effort to stop deadly fossil fuels from enabling this war and ensure a rapid and just transition to renewable energy.

Every day, Putin's war costs £900,000,000.

Every day, Europe pays Putin £480,000,000 for fossil fuels.

Europe can end this war.

The EU commission can and must act now to solve the energy crisis, help stop the war in Ukraine and prevent further climate breakdown.

Please take action and urge the European Union to impose a total embargo on the import and trade of Russian fossil fuels now – and speed up the move to green energy sources, for the sake of peace, human rights and the future of our planet.

Dear President Von Der Leyen,

For more than six months Russia has waged its brutal war on Ukraine, inflicting immeasurable suffering on the Ukrainian people. Russia's aggression, which shows no sign of abating, has taken the lives of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, destroyed cities, and forced millions from their homes.

We welcome measures that the European Union has taken to support Ukraine. Yet Europe continues to finance the war, having spent nearly €90 billion on Russian fossil fuels since the full-scale invasion on February 24.

This money is funding the murder of Ukrainians and prolonging a devastating war. We urge the European Union to take immediate and urgent action to cut Russia's fossil fuel revenues and reduce the leverage the Kremlin wields over Europe's energy security.

To date it remains legal to import Russian oil and gas into Europe. The Kremlin has shown it is willing to leverage energy as a weapon of war. Yet Europe remains addicted to Russian fossil fuels.

We call on the European Union to:

  • Immediately end all purchases of Russian crude oil and refined petroleum products.

  • Strengthen and expand oil embargos including through prohibiting shipment and transhipment of Russian fossil fuels, closing blending and refining loopholes, and ensuring strong enforcement.

  • Implement an embargo on Russian gas.

  • Rapidly invest in and upscale renewable energy sources and reduce energy consumption including through efficiency and saving measures.

We support proposals to cap the price of Russian oil for import into third countries which have not enacted embargoes as a means to further reduce Russia's revenues and prevent profiteering.

The more money we send to Russia, the longer the war and the worse the economic fallout will be. We must cut the flow of money now.


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Kind regards,

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