Alcohol costs the NHS more than £3.5 billion each year. Help us reduce pressure on the NHS. Help us change and save lives.

1.3 million hospital admissions, or one in every 13, are related to alcohol – yet alcohol harm is completely preventable.

At Alcohol Change UK we believe everyone can be helped, even those suffering from very serious alcohol dependency – but people often don't receive the specialist help they need and rely on emergency services. That's more expensive and less effective than offering dedicated alcohol treatment to all those who need it.

Alcohol Change UK is helping save lives and reduce the pressure on our NHS.

Through our award-winning Blue Light programme, we work with some of the UK's most vulnerable people, who are too often considered to be 'beyond help'. We train local services to support them, saving the NHS and other frontline services money – and more importantly changing and saving lives.

More people than ever need Alcohol Change UK's help.

Alcohol harm is not inevitable. But we cannot reduce alcohol harm alone. We need your help. The more we work together, the more people we can reach. We can improve and save lives and reduce pressure on our NHS. 

Every day without change means more lives are damaged due to alcohol harm. Sign up today to help them and help protect our NHS.

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