If you love it, help save it. Demand stronger environment laws.

Australia's environment laws are being rewritten for the first time in over 20 years.

This is a critical opportunity to ensure that the Australian government doesn't lock in any more business as usual. The current Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Australia's national nature law) is outdated, with inadequate monitoring and enforcement, leaving loopholes for the ongoing destruction of nature.

So, we're urgently calling on the Australian government for stronger national
environment laws, that:

● Enact strong and enforced National Environmental Standards that safeguard
nature against further destruction.
● Properly fund habitat restoration and species recovery.
● Create an independent agency - Environment Protection Australia (EPA) - that
will monitor and enforce these laws.
● Close legal loopholes that favour big businesses over nature.

If you love our oceans and marine wildlife, sign our petition for stronger nature laws to help save them. Because when nature is a priority for Australians, it becomes a priority for the government too.

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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