Jeff Bezos just laid out his secrets to success and they are all things he doesn’t allow his overworked employees, abused employees to do!

Oh great, Jeff Bezos wrote a book.

It includes an essay about the Amazon CEO's daily rituals, which include sleeping for at least 8 hours a night, somehow taking his mornings slow and also doing all of his important work at that time, making sure to eat breakfast with his kids, and 'clocking out' around 5 pm every day. What a beautiful example of work life balance -- one which has been made impossible for nearly every single Amazon employee.

Sign the petition and demand that Jeff Bezos actually improve working conditions, increase pay, and provide real benefits to Amazon's employees so that they can live the healthy, balanced life he seems to think is so important for himself.

Before the pandemic, Jeff Bezos was worth $73 billion. During the pandemic, that worth more than doubled to over $200 billion. No wonder he sleeps so well at night.

Before the pandemic, Amazon warehouse employees were already struggling so badly under productivity demands that they had to urinate in bottles at their workstations rather than risk losing time in the facilities, or put in constant overtime instead of spending time with their families. Office employees were expected to answer emails well into the middle of the night, and reports of people crying at their desks were common. 

During the pandemic, these conditions have only gotten worse as Amazon usage has skyrocketed. COVID-19 cases in Amazon warehouses have exploded as their essential workers are expected to show up, but are provided little or no personal protective equipment, social distancing space, or hazard pay (their temporary $2/hour increase in wages was quickly eliminated even as the pandemic rages on). 

Amazon's market value passed $1 trillion this year. It is 100% because of its employees who are being exploited and abused. But Jeff Bezos thinks he can write a book about what HIS best practices are, and somehow expect us to all swoon like his wisdom will do us any good?


Sign the petition and demand that Jeff Bezos provide his employees with the work life balance he boasts about -- increase pay, lower productivity standards or hire more people to meet them, increase benefits, create actual COVID-19 precautions and testing systems...basically, tell Jeff Bezos to treat his employees like human beings.

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