Hold this Farm Accountable for Rampant Animal Cruelty

  • van: Jacob K
  • ontvanger: Accomack County Sheriff’s Office
It's happened again. A disgusting video has come to light showing animal cruelty so harsh that it would make even the most avid meat eater wince with discomfort.

The video in question was taken at the Atlantic Farm poultry facility in Virginia and appeared to show workers engaging in a whole host of animal bloodsports including stabbing, crushing and stomping on helpless chicks.

The Washington Post sums up some of the disgusting acts like this; "In the video, sick or injured birds appear to be killed, run over by forklifts or impaled on nails stuck into pipes, while dying chickens are thrown into piles of dead ones."

While ten employees have been fired from the farm and Tyson Foods, one of the world's largest poultry producers, has severed ties with the operation, there has yet to be any word as to whether or not farm owners and managers, not just employees, will face charges of animal cruelty.

Poultry farm workers don't just engage in violence against the birds in their care in a bubble. A permissive environment is created and then festers, and it usually starts at the top.

It's time Accomack County Sheriff's Office take a deeper look into Atlantic Farms and investigate the animal cruelty taking place there. Sign the petition and ask for a full investigation, and for those responsible to be charged appropriately. It is the only way we can end this senseless abuse.
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