Every day Our Animals Suffer Greatly With Pain From Slaughtering Abuse Nelgect Beatings Abandonment Poaching From Being Deserted Starvation Deprivation And They Are Also Being Left To Fend For Themselves
Things Are Getting So Much More Worse For Our Beautiful Kindred~ Spirited Babies And They Are Screaming In Hurt And In Pain This Is An Out Cry For Help
It's Time To Stand Up On Behalf Of Our Babies
This Is Also The Time To Fight For Our Babies [ Animals ] Rights
They Have Every Right To Find Have And Regain Their Happy Lives
Share This Everywhere
Share To Your Neighborhood
Your Friends Families
Get Everyone In Your Neighborhood Involved
If Your Still unsure
Then Let Me Leave You With This
Our Animals With Out A Doubt
Will Surely Give Their Lives For Us
And That's The Truth
So Why Not For Give Back To Our Beautiful Babies
When They Have Given So Much To Us
They Deserve All Of The That They Can Possibly Have
As Much As They Protect Us
All Of Us
Each And Every One Of Us
Animal Lovers I Think It's Time To Ask Yourselves One Question
Isn't It Time For Us To Protect Defend And Save Our Babies ?
Please Sign This Petition And Let's Fight For Babies
Let's Show Each And Every One Of Our Beautiful Perfect Babies That We All Do Care

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