This High-Profile Fashion Week Just Set a Major Precedent for Animal Lovers

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: New York and Paris Fashion Weeks Organizers

Copenhagen Fashion Week has set a new standard in the fashion industry by announcing a ban on exotic skins and feathers from its catwalks next year. This bold move is a significant step towards more ethical and compassionate fashion, challenging other major fashion events to follow suit. Just last month, New York and Paris catwalks were filled with feathers. It's time for New York and Paris Fashion Weeks to embrace this change and demonstrate their commitment to ending cruelty in fashion.

Sign the petition to urge the organizers of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks to ban exotic skins and feathers in their events!

The use of exotic skins and feathers in fashion is a glaring example of unnecessary cruelty. Animals are subjected to unimaginable suffering for the sake of luxury items that are easily replaceable with ethical alternatives. Snakes and lizards face brutal deaths, while ostriches and other birds are plucked for their feathers, often causing them severe pain and distress. 

Copenhagen Fashion week has taken the step to push for a fashion world that values animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Let's unite to encourage New York and Paris to make a stand against cruelty and for the future of fashion. 

Sign the petition to demand a ban on exotic skins and feathers in New York and Paris Fashion Weeks to set a new industry precedent!

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