Japan's National Age of Consent is 13. A New Proposal Could Finally Raise It

A desperately needed overhaul of Japan's sexual offense laws has been proposed, and we must do everything we can to ensure it becomes enacted. Under the current law, Japan's national age of consent is just 13 years old. On top of that, the country's rape laws make it incredibly difficult for survivors to prove sexual assault has occurred to courts, meaning perpetrators are unlikely to ever face any punishment. But this new proposal could change all of that.

Sign now to tell the Japanese government to uphold this proposal and protect the country's minors!

Japan has the lowest age of consent in any developed country, and there is no excuse for the country to maintain such a horrifically young age of consent. 13-year-olds are children – ones who deserve legal protection from grooming and rape. It is time the nation's laws reflect that.

Other aspects of Japan's sexual offense laws would be overhauled under the new provisions, too, for the better. Under current law, in order for a perpetrator to be convicted, survivors of sexual violence must prove that they experienced "violence and intimidation," as well as that it was "impossible to resist." These criteria make it nearly impossible for survivors to get justice. 

An overhaul of these sexual offense laws in Japan is long overdue. We must fight for survivors of rape and sexual assault and protect Japanese children from these traumatizing, unwanted sexual encounters. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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