Under Armour must cease it’s support of Trophy Hunting

    Distancing it’s from the use of spears, in hunting, is welcome news, however, this is not enough. Any form of hunting is anathema to most people, particularly in the UK, where 86% of the population supports a ban on trophy hunting and imports [of trophy hunting].

    Indeed, influenced by this 86% of the UK population, Boris Johnson has included the banning of trophy hunting imports into the UK.

    Under Armour needs to extend it’s business model to include ethical and moral provisions, of ceasing it’s support of trophy hunting. Many animals face extinction, where numbers have dramatically reduced, over the past 40 years and are now classified as endangered species, by CITES. For example, lion populations have fallen from 450,000 in the 1950s to just 20,000 today, elephant numbers fallen from over 1 million in the 1980s to just 400,000 today. ‬

    There is an overwhelming majority of people against trophy hunting, worldwide. The hunting fraternity claim they are committed to conservation of wildlife, however, this is not supported by the evidence. African countries, particularly South Africa, promote trophy hunting as tourism and continue to target the UK to promote this ‘tourism and sport’. This is not tourism nor sport, this is barbarism. These are abhorrent practices, have no place in society.

    Under Armour must build on it’s ‘no to spearing’ policy and cease support of trophy hunting. They can achieve this, by embedding this in their core values and business model.
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