Please Don’t Slaughter or Sacrifice Any More Animals for Bakra Eid or Eid Al-Adha!

  • van: Victoria Salter
  • ontvanger: Indian Government, Mumbai Authorities, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, world Governments

Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace and compassion. The prophet Muhammad ate a mostly plant-based diet and, if I'm right, saved some ants from a fire. When in a desert, a Muslim man found a thirsty dog. He wetted a cloth and put it in the dog's mouth (or something like that). Another "Muslim" man saw him and told the prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) that one of his followers had touched a dirty dog. Muhammad explained that he (the man who helped the dog) was a better Muslim than him (the one who told him) because he was kind to animals. Vegans have also created a vegan sacrifice for Eid Al-Adha.
Despite this, most Muslims still sacrifice Allah's creatures, who are sentient beings, created by the loving Allah to have feelings in a violent and brutal way. Halal slaughter is also done without stunning, causing the animal greater suffering.
From 21/07/21 - 23/07/21 this year, a total of 300 buffalo are planned to be slaughtered in Mumbai. Some have possibly already been slaughtered, but we cannot let any more buffalo be killed!
I'm not Islamophobic. Muslims have as much to live and live well and be treated with respect and kindness as any other sentient being. I'm not against anyone's religion or religious practices providing they don't involve unjustly hurting, harming, killing or distressing any sentient beings...
Please save the animals! Thank you.

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