A Nurse Abused An Animal. This Is Especially Scary Coming From Someone We Trust to Care for Others.

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Oregon and Washington state authorities
A nurse in Washington state was caught abusing animals in the neighboring state of Oregon. This is a shocking discovery - especially from someone who is supposed to devote his life to caring for others.

Yet so far, he's still being allowed around animals. How can we trust him with the well-being of harmless little pets?

In Oregon, where the abuses occurred, the man was charged with three counts of animal abuse, and ultimately found guilty of one charge. As punishment, he was sentenced to probation for two years.

Meanwhile, the Washington State Board of Nursing took action against him by suspending his nursing license until he completes an evaluation with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.

But what about the animals? If he can't even be trusted around pets as a registered nurse, then he shouldn't be allowed around animals again.

Sign the petition to demand that authorities ban this man from owning, working, or living with animals in the future!
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petitie tekenen
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