A Chicago women convicted of killing a man who raped her infant daughter

    Chicago woman convicted of killing a man who raped her infant daughter shouldn’t be in prison....an appeals court has found, ruling that the judge who sentenced her to 67 years in prison failed to properly consider the "undeniably egregious nature of the provocation" that led to the 2004 slaying.
    Laquita Calhoun, now 29, was bathing her 1-year-old daughter when she noticed signs of sexual abuse and went to confront a neighbor. Alonzo Jones, 29, confessed to abusing the girl, Calhoun told police. Another neighbor revealed Jones had molested one of her children too, witnesses said. But the appeals court in Chicago wrote that Sacks failed in his sentencing to recognize that Calhoun had undergone a provocation "as extreme as any mother … could sustain" I feel like any mother would kill somebody over they kids Especially if they was provoke to do so.... why can’t a black women kill a man that forcefully raped her infant child .. any parent would protect they child in a situation like that. she had every right to do what she had to do. What if that was your child? What if they sent your mother to prison for killing the man that raped her infant ?
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