Ban Fireworks that aren’t silent

It has been well documented the affects that fireworks impact not only animals but also wildlife, individuals with PTSD, Autism and the environment.

Quiet fireworks have been around for quite some time and some places ban ones that are high in decibels.

Every year there are warnings to be careful because animals are frightened, triggers PTSD in our veterans or anyone who has experienced some sort of tragedy.

"Quiet" fireworks can deliver the same colors but without the loud noise and startling explosions that usually erupt in the night sky.

Not to mention the amount of resources that occur as a result. Police stations all over the country are called consistently from neighbors who complain of disturbances. Police shouldn't need to be responding to these calls when there are more important situations that require their attention.

It would be a different situation if it only happened once but every single night is a bit too much.

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