• van: Lisa Schurr
  • ontvanger: parents and supporters of public education

The purpose of this petition is to urge the Sarasota County School Board members to reject the pending application from Charter Schools USA, to open a FOR-PROFIT charter school in Wellen Park, North Port.

Charter Schools USA has applied to open a FOR-PROFIT charter school in Sarasota County, Florida. Review of the application shows that it is deficient in many areas. Charter Schools USA is the second largest for-profit corporate charter school organization in both Florida and the United States. It uses a predatory model to extract millions out of public funds and puts those dollars into the pockets of its founder and CEO, Jonathan Hage. Every dollar that goes into Mr. Hage's pocket, means one less dollar going towards the education of our children. Charter Schools USA will not provide the level of quality education that we have come to expect in Sarasota and the state of Florida.

Our children are not a commodity. Our children are NOT FOR PROFIT. Sarasota County School Board members: Please do the right thing and reject the application of Charter Schools USA.

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