URGENT Signatures Needed to Stop Fremont Animal Control from Removing Nadia and Buttercup

Nadia and Buttercup, our sweet gentle miniature goats, have been ordered to be removed from our property within the next 30 days by Fremont Animal Services.

NO COMPLAINTS HAVE BEEN MADE AGAINST THEM. We listed them as pets when seeking to renew our pet licenses. It was in response to our attempt to follow the law as we knew it that we were notified by Officer Niccols on May 25, 2021 that Fremont Municipal Code has been changed and goats are no longer permitted on residential property in Fremont.

Our family has lived on this farm for generations and kept animals here legally. We were not notified of the change and had no reason to suspect any changes.

Please sign this petition to tell the Fremont City Council that Nadia and Buttercup should be allowed to stay!

*UPDATE* I spoke with Kelly Miott the Animal Services Manager yesterday afternoon (Friday May 28th, 2021) and she is giving us six months to relocate Nadia and Buttercup. That gives us more time to get an exemption or a rule change with the City of Fremont. 

Update #32 maanden geleden
Thank you so much for your support! The city voted last night to have their staff look into amending the ordinance which prohibits goats. Hopefully the law will be changed so that Nadia and Buttercup can live with us for the rest of their lives. In the meantime an educational exemption has been granted to let them stay through the next school year. We will be in touch if they come to take them at that time, but we are cautiously hopeful the city will change the ordinance and let them stay.
Update #22 maanden geleden
If you would like to add a public comment for the Fremont City Council meeting on Tuesday you can Email: citycouncil@fremont.gov
Subject: Public Comment for the Upcoming City Council Meeting 07/06/21

If you prefer to speak in person, you can attend the meeting via Zoom to share your thoughts on Tuesday July 6, 2021 at 7pm
Council Meeting Zoom Webinar: https://zoom.us/j/93525239005
By Phone:
833-430-0037 (toll free)
Webinar ID: 935 2523 9005
Click *9 to raise a hand to speak, via phone
Update #12 maanden geleden
July 6th, 2021, Fremont City Council votes to consider allowing Nadia and Buttercup to stay. Goats were made illegal in Fremont at a city council meeting without public discourse, now is our chance to speak.

Email City Council:


Politely ask they support mini-goats on appropriate residential lots in Fremont; let Nadia and Buttercup stay!
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