These Schools Won't Let Girls Bleeding Through Pants Use the Bathroom

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Noble Network of Charter Schools
A slew of Chicago charter schools are apparently so strict about bathroom breaks that female students are bleeding through their uniforms when menstruating. This is horrifying, embarrassing and avoidable. 

Sign now to demand these charter schools allow girls to use the bathroom when they need to!

Not only are girls bleeding through their uniforms, but the schools think the solution is to make the uniform have darker pants and allow girls to tie sweatshirts around their waists. This doesn't solve the problem, it only furthers the shame and lack of control over one's body.

As it stands now, girls are given demerits for using the bathroom when they need to. And if they bleed through their clothes, they aren't allowed to change, just tie a sweatshirt around their waist.

Young girls are new to having periods. They are already self conscious about it and there is no way they can focus on their school work if they're panicked about bleeding through their clothes! I had a very heavy flow in high school, sometimes having to change my tampon and pad every single hour! So I know how inconvenient this can be. For a school to dictate how often and when a girl uses the bathroom is simply stupid and harmful to girls. 

Having a period is already an inconvenient truth for most women, please sign the petition to make life a little easier for the girls at these schools. 
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