Abolish "Luxury" Tax On Feminine Products

  • van: Grl Power
  • ontvanger: California Governor Gavin Newsom, CA State Legislature

Feminine products are considered unnecessary by the U.S Government. Forty-two of the 50 states apply a so-called luxury tax on pads and tampons. This means that tampons aren't considered a necessity.

The tax is a big moneymaker for states. According to Cristina Garcia, who serves in the California State Assembly, California collects $20 million a year from feminine products. We understand this is a good source of revenue for the state, however, this seems unfair because women are being punished for a biological function they have no command over.

We think that it is a disgrace to have to pay up to 7.5 percent tax for these everyday necessities. We have to pay for something we can't control. Having a period isn't luxurious, it's biology.

States like Illinois, New York, and Connecticut have already moved to abolish taxes on feminine products, and California needs to follow suit. We started this petition to demand the state of California abolishes the tax on feminine products.

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