Surfside Beach Chair Ordinance

Dear Commissioners: 

I understand that you are considering amending the Beach Chair Ordinace to better serve the Town.  As a resident in Surfside, I can say from experience that the current Beach Chair Ordinance has proved to be difficult to operate under.  

The extremely limited Pre-Set requirement is particularly burdensome.  It should be emilinated.  It allows for very limited number of chairs to be set up in advance which results in numerous back and forth transports of beach chairs and unnecessary traffic along the Hardpack.   The reality is that no building is going to pre-set more chairs than they anticipate for daily usuage. 

In addition, the limitation on total beach chairs is unreasonable for peak days such as Holidays.  This should also be eliminated.  Each building has a specific area under the ordinance  that is allowed for Beach chairs.  The number of chairs in this area is regulated by size of chair and space in between. 

Lastly, the Ordinance should allow a building to operate a beautifully designed electric golf cart vs push carts to haul Beach Chairs  to be used only on the Hardpack.   This would futher reduce daily traffic. 

Thank you for considering our perspective as you consider amending the Beach Chair Ordinance 

Best Regards,

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