Don't Deport Maria for Testifying Against Violent Offender!

Maria showed up at court to testify against her abuser, an extremely difficult thing for any person recovering from domestic abuse, and ICE showed up to arrest her. Now she is at risk of being deported without her children.

Sign the petition if you don't want Maria to be deported!

Our justice system relies on witnesses and victims of crimes coming forward to report and testify without fear of retribution. But since ICE is getting more and more aggressive in our current political climate, many witnesses and victims of crime will be deterred from coming forward. The behavior of ICE allows violent offenders to go free and continue to abuse people around them. 

I think Maria was extremely brave to call the police on her abuser and leave with her children, and especially for coming forward with her 16-year-old son to testify against him! All of those things are unthinkably difficult for any person suffering from physical, emotional and psychological abuse to do. As a society, we should be thanking her for coming forward. Instead, we are considering deporting her. This is just plain wrong. This family has suffered enough. 

Sign the petition if you agree that Maria did the right thing by coming forward and you want ICE to let her stay!

We need victims and witnesses to feel safe coming forward about crimes, especially violent crimes, and making an example of Maria in this way sets a horrifying precedent in this country that makes us all less safe.
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