Objection to proposed rate change at Sangre de Cristo Electric

  • van: Tom Plant
  • ontvanger: Members of Sangre de Cristo Electric Utility

Sangre de Cristo Electric is proposing an increase in monthly fixed charges with an associated decrease in the electricity rate charged to customers. This policy provides a disincentive for people to increase their energy efficiency or lower energy usage, and places a disproportionate burden on low-income homeowners by increasing their monthly costs. By placing more of the costs per month in a fixed charge, customers are left with very few opportunities to reduce their monthly energy costs.

Furthermore, Sangre de Cristo has proposed to add a punitive charge within a rate specifically for net metered customers (those with solar or wind generation on their property) in violation of state law (CRS 40-9.5-118-1(c): "A cooperative electric association shall provide net metering service at nondiscriminatory rates.").

By signing this petition below, you as a member/owner of the Sangre de Cristo Cooperative Utility, are requesting the board of directors to reject this punitive, illegal and poorly conceived rate change.

Update #32 maanden geleden
We urgently need you to sign up at https://www.arkansasvalleyenergyfuture.org/get-involved. SDCEA is continuing to develop a new rate structure and to date we have not received the answers to our questions. We are not aware that SDCEA is involving members in the development of the new rates. We need to continue to have our voices heard. We want to help design a rate that will achieve the objectives of the co-op members while protecting those members that are low and fixed income.
Thanks! Tom
Update #22 maanden geleden
Great news - your involvement worked and the board voted to rescind their decision to set the new rate schedule! Our work isn't done, there will be a new rate schedule this summer and we need to have input on that - but this petition site is being retired. You can keep up to date on SDCEA and issues around the rates at www.arkansasvalleyenergyfuture.org - this is a new organization to represent your voice as members of the coop.

So sign up on the website and we'll keep up this good work!
Update #13 maanden geleden
Hi - I wanted to update you on the progress since you signed the petition opposing the Sangre de Cristo rate change. First of all, over 650 of you signed the petition, which in itself is amazing. Over 150 signed up to speak at the last board meeting.

The February 23 board meeting is the last opportunity we have to get the board to reverse their decision. The meeting will be held online and registration is required. Email info@myelectric.coop to register.

Thank you for all your support!
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