Bani the Baby Elephant Was Orphaned by India's Train Collision Crisis. Demand Justice!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: India's Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Bani, a nine-month-old elephant calf, was tragically orphaned when her pregnant mother was struck by a speeding train in India. While Bani survived the accident, she was left with serious injuries and fractured bones. Sadly, Bani's heart-wrenching story is much too common. In the last decade, train collisions in India have killed over 200 endangered elephants, making it the second-highest cause of unnatural elephant deaths in India. To make matters worse, this is preventable.

Sign the petition to demand India's Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change implement immediate measures to prevent more of these needless tragedies.

Asian elephants in India are losing their lives at an alarming rate due to the expansive railway networks that slice through their natural habitats. Both AI technology that alerts train operators to the presence of elephants and reducing train operations at night when visibility is difficult have proven to drastically decrease the number of elephant casualties. However, these life-saving changes are happening quickly enough.

The Indian government and railways must prioritize these initiatives to prevent further loss of these endangered elephant lives. Every moment of delay, the lives of more innocent elephants like Bani hang in the balance. 

Sign the petition to urge Indian authorities to accelerate conservation efforts, implement AI systems broadly, and reduce night-time train operations!

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