More Than a Dozen Dolphins and Whales Have Mysteriously Died in New Jersey

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection

Yet another dolphin was found dead and washed ashore in the Bronx. Witnesses describe a nightmarish scene, noting that the dolphin had cuts along its body. 

Since December, over 13 dolphins and whales have been washed up along the New Jersey coastline. Why are so many marine mammals dying? And why isn't the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection taking this tragedy seriously?

Sign now to tell New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection that it must immediately and thoroughly investigate these tragic deaths of marine mammals!

Dolphins and whales are wildly intelligent creatures. Research shows that both dolphins and whales experience pain and pleasure, develop complex relationships with one another, and solve complex problems with their peers. Each individual dolphin has a name, and both species of mammals play in amazingly creative ways. 

Any unnatural dolphin death is a tragedy. And unfortunately, these deaths are increasingly common.

Marine mammals are already experiencing population threats from climate change. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection must investigate the cause of these deaths and act before any more marine mammals suffer! Sign if you agree!

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