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The Patakis was a pitched Hey, Arnold! spin-off series starring a highschool-aged Helga Pataki in her very own show. Targeting an older audience than Hey, Arnold! it was deemed "too dark" for Nickelodeon, and rejected by MTV for sounding too much like their series Daria, a successful title now slated for its own upcoming spin-off. 

In 2013 a fanmade petition succeeded in reviving the long-canceled Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie. It gained 15,000 signatures, which were printed out and shipped to executives at Nickelodeon. The animated feature was greenlit for production the next year, and released in 2017—15 years after its cancellation. 

Now it's Helga's turn. #OperationThePatakis is here to show executives that fans want them to greenlight The Patakis too. Once our goal is met, we will print the gathered signatures and mail them out to key contacts at Paramount and Nick Animation. Series creator, Craig Bartlett, has expressed interest in working on more Hey, Arnold! content, and we're excited to see his continued vision come to life. 

Sign this petition and make your message to the execs loud and clear: I WANT YOU TO GREENLIGHT THE HEY, ARNOLD! SPIN-OFF SERIES, THE PATAKIS!

Chats & Interviews With Series Creator Craig Bartlett

LEAKED! The Patakis Series Pitch & Concept Art

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Update #24 maanden geleden
WHOA! We just got 4000 petition signatures! That's 20% of our goal met in the first WEEK! And it's all thanks to you. Follow #OperationThePatakis for more updates, fun and fandom events on our way to 20,000!!
Update #14 maanden geleden
YES!! Thanks to you, we got 2700 signatures in the first 24 hours of launching! That's 13.5% of our goal met in one day! And we're just getting warmed up...

Follow and Share #OperationThePatakis for more updates, fun and fandom events on our way to reaching our goal of 20,000 signatures!

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