Madrid City Council Planned a Firework Show That Experts Said Would Harm Wildlife

The Manzanares river in Madrid has miraculously transformed from a forgotten stream to a bustling haven for wildlife, thanks to local efforts to clean and restore it. But now, this peaceful sanctuary has been harmed thanks to a firework show that's more about noise than beauty. During the firework show, the skies above the precious nature reserve turned into a nightmare for the animals that call it home.

We're calling on the Madrid City Council to ban future fireworks shows and protect our beloved wildlife.

The idea of setting off 300 kg of explosives in the middle of a thriving natural habitat is alarming. Birds that have just returned to the reserve, along with fish, frogs, and even otters, could be scared away or hurt by the loud blasts. Studies have shown how fireworks can scare birds to death or force them to flee so far they can't find their way back. Pets are at risk too, with many dogs terrified by the noise, some even getting lost or injured as they try to escape.

Hosting such a loud event in a place that people worked so hard to bring back to life shows a shocking lack of care for our environment. It goes against the very idea of protecting our natural spaces and the creatures that live in them. The council has other options for celebrations that won't harm our wildlife or disrupt this special area we've all come to cherish.

Sign this petition to ask the Madrid City Council to choose kindness over noise and ban fireworks.

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