Four Mummified Monkeys Discovered in Airport Luggage

A K9 with the U.S. customs and border protection agency recently discovered something shocking in the Boston airport - four mummified monkeys shoved inside of a suitcase.

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The traveler had reported that they were bringing dried fish with them, but the dog's sensitive nose knew something was wrong. When officials took a look inside the offending luggage, they discovered the dead, dehydrated bodies of four smuggled monkeys instead.

Authorities were primarily concerned about the viruses, germs, and other illnesses these monkeys' bodies could have brought into the country - especially in the wake of a deadly worldwide pandemic.

However, this is also alarming from a wildlife trafficking perspective. People should be respecting monkeys and other wild animals, and we must discourage people from harming, capturing, or trafficking wildlife.

To protect other monkeys, officials must investigate the source of these dead animals. Where did they come from? Was anyone else involved? We need answers now, in order to prevent more instances like this!

Sign the petition to urge an investigation into the transporting of these mummified monkeys. We must protect other wildlife from this fate!
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