Demand the world put Vladimir Putin on trial for war crimes!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: The International Criminal Court

The gruesome images of murdered civilians and disturbing reports of mass graves coming out Ukrainian towns abandoned by Russian invaders make one thing crystal clear — Vladimir Putin has committed heinous war crimes against humanity.

More than 1200 bodies have been discovered in mass graves near Kyiv so far, and the Ukrainian government fears many more will be found. In the city of Bucha, nine civilians appear to have been killed execution-style, some with bound hands and legs.

Call on the International Criminal Court to hold Putin accountable for war crimes!

To make matters worse, Russia is officially denying their heinous crimes and accusing the Ukrainians of staging the massacres — even though satellite photographs show bodies lying in streets and mass graves for weeks.

We must send a strong and united message to the world that murdering civilians in cold blood is beyond the pale. Vladimir Putin and his generals must be held accountable for their butchery.

Demand the world put Vladimir Putin on trial for war crimes!

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