Help Bring This Orphaned Black Bear Back to Safety!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

A young, orphaned black bear who was being rehabilitated and cared for at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care has recently escaped the facility! The bear isn't in immediate danger, but is still in need of rehabilitation, and extreme weather conditions at the lake are threatening for a 50-pound animal foraging on its own for the first time.

Sign now to tell the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to put as many resources as possible towards finding this little bear!

Bears are extremely clever, and it appears this little guy escaped the outdoor portion of the facility. The Care2 community can also help the CDFW out by spreading the word and keeping an eye out for the bear – tagged with a metal ID in his left ear – in the Lake Tahoe area.

Humans should never approach a bear, but instead, report it to local authorities. 

Let's make sure the CDFW finds this black bear soon to bring it back to rehabilitation and safety! Sign the petition now to urge the agency to put their resources to work to save this sweet, orphaned creature!

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