Stop Oklahoma from banning trans healthcare!

The latest outrage from the party of "freedom" and "small government" is a bill filed in the Oklahoma Senate by GOP state Sen. David Bullard that would make providing gender-affirming healthcare for anyone under the age of 26 a felony offense.

Not only would SB129 prevent anyone new from receiving trans care, but it would also force those already in the process to detransition, heaping psychological harm upon them and putting their lives in danger. Studies show the passage of anti-trans legislation leads to a direct increase in internet searches about suicide and depression; 82% of trans youth have considered suicide at one point and 40% have attempted it.

Tell the Oklahoma legislature to reject the trans healthcare ban!

In case the GOP's violent intentions weren't clear enough already, the bill is called the "Millstone Act" — a reference to a Bible passage that says a person would be better off tying a large boulder around their neck to "be drowned in the depths of the sea" than harm a child. The right-wing media machine has worked for months to frame gender-affirming healthcare as child abuse rather than the often life-saving care it really is.

As was all too clear from the outset, the GOP's war against the trans community is not about children, it's about abusing state power to enforce a patriarchal and authoritarian heteronormative gender regime on those trying to express their true identities.

Stop Oklahoma from banning trans healthcare!

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