Hey Japan, Stop Your Whale Massacre Today!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Institute of Cetacean Research, Shinzō Abe
July 4 might be Independence Day in the United States, but in Japan, Independence Day was July 1, 2019. That's when the country — after 60 years of membership — formally pulled out of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Now, the Japanese government can continue their annual, illegal whale massacres unbridled by the international treaty.

News of their departure is heartbreaking to whale lovers and conservationists alike. The Japanese government is now free of the international treaty that, ostensibly, was a check on their annual whaling missions. But now the government can hit the seas with harpoons blazing.

For the next six months, Japan says they will conduct an all-out assault on cetaceans in its seas. They plan to kill a total of 383 whales for "research." We know that's just a ruse to sell whale meat for profit. In all, they will collect 2,000 metric tons of whale meat from three different species, including 25 sei whales, which are an endangered species.

This is unacceptable. The world needs to stand up and tell Japan enough is enough. Their whale hunts are a sham and they must end now.

Please sign the petition and tell Japan STOP their whale killing mission today!
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