Demand the Mississippi GOP stop forcing trans kids to detransition and give their healthcare back!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: Governor Tate Reeves

As a tidal wave of anti-trans legislation crashes through the country, Mississippi Republicans are reaching new lows with the cruelty and discrimination they are heaping on some of our most vulnerable kids.

Governor Tate Reeves has passed a bill banning all gender-affirming medical care for minors in the state, effectively forcing them to detransition by keeping them from accessing the puberty blockers and hormones they need to express their true selves.

Demand an end to the endless anti-trans bills coming from the Mississippi legislature!

"Politicians who don't have an ounce of medical training are interfering with our rights as parents and acting as if they know how to raise and support our children better than we do. Attacking transgender Mississippians and those who support and care for them will not solve any problems or make life easier for working folks in this state. The only thing it will accomplish is to further demonize and alienate transgender kids, an already vulnerable group of young folks, by denying them not only medical care, but mental health care. Mississippi deserves better than this race to the bottom on anti-transgender extremism," wrote Human Rights Campaign Mississippi State Director Rob Hill in response.

It's abhorrent that these grown adults are wasting public time and money to bully LGBTQ children and demonize them for being who they are while ignoring the very real issues facing the people in Mississippi. It's time we let them know they've crossed the line.

Demand the Mississippi GOP stop forcing trans kids to detransition and give their healthcare back!

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