Spread Awareness About Animal Abuse

    Just in America, around 10 million abused animals die every year. Of the 10 million, 60% are dogs and 18% are cats. Of these abuses, 45% come from neglect 10% are from stabbing or mutilation. 10 million! To put that into comparison that’s about the population of Michigan. One problem linking to the amount of abused animals is the jail time. In America, the jail time for animal abuse is up to 1 year. 1 year for taking an animal’s life. This jail time needs to be changed. Part of my goal is spreading awareness for animal abuse with this petition, but I also want to get enough awareness to have this jail time changed into a longer sentence. 
    If this law isn’t changed, animal abuse will only get more and more common. Sign this petition to spread awareness about animal abuse, we need to put it to an end.
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    petitie tekenen
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