Thank the brave people working at abortion clinics and running abortion funds!

In the darkest of times, our solidarity is the strongest weapon we have to resist oppression and despair. When the news of the leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade broke, people all across the country got to straight work to help as many people as they could before it was too late.

Everyone, from the doctors and nurses who work in abortion clinics to the activists hard at work setting up hotlines and emergency funds, to the escorts protecting patients from the rabid fury of anti-choice zealots all deserve our heartfelt thanks.

Sign your name to say THANK YOU to all those helping people get the reproductive help they need!

It's not easy to do abortion work. Domestic terrorists regularly target reproductive healthcare clinics and the people who work there. Their lives are at risk every day they go to work — and that doesn't even begin to touch on the harassment, stalking, death threats, and abuse they endure at the hands and phones of the radical right-wing.

But the work they do is beyond critical — and we need to show our thanks!

Click here for a list of abortion funds to support in every state!

Sign your name to thank the brave people working at abortion clinics and running abortion funds!

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