A Dog Groomer Was Caught on Video Hitting Dogs in Her Care

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Virginia and North Carolina Legal Authorities

In a deeply troubling case of animal cruelty, a pet groomer from North Carolina was caught on video abusing dogs during grooming sessions at a salon in Virginia. This alarming behavior occurred in a place where animals should feel safe and cared for, not fearful or in pain. The groomer is already being charged with animal cruelty in Virginia, and may be charged in North Carolina as well. It is not enough.

Sign the petition to demand that the abusive groomer gets a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

Grooming salons are trusted environments where pet owners expect their animals to be treated with care and respect. However, the disturbing footage reveals a clear violation of this trust, showing animals being struck instead of being gently handled. Such actions not only cause immediate harm but can also lead to long-term psychological effects on the animals involved.

We must ensure that our beloved pets are never subjected to such treatment and that grooming salons remain safe havens for all animals. Let's unite to make a stand against animal cruelty and ensure that anyone who harms pets cannot be responsible for another animal. 

Sign the petition to demand a lifetime ban on animal ownership for this abusive groomer!

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