This Legislation Could Save Countless Animals and Children From Dying in Hot Cars!

When the temperatures are soaring in the summer months, there is a sneaky danger hiding in plain sight. Cars. While the temperature outside a car could be high, but not dangerously high, the inside of a car without ventilation can get to scorching and deadly temperatures really quickly. Tragically, every year people leave their children and animals in these cars to "just run in real quick" to a store and return to find a very sick or even dead child or pet. It's almost unspeakable. But there is a solution. 

Sign now to demand Congress passes the Hot Cars Act of 2019 to keep children and animals alike safe!

Sadly, this problem may be worse in 2020 than any other year both because the coronavirus is extending shopping time to accommodate crucial social distancing rules, and because climate change continues to make our summers hotter and hotter. Most people who leave a child or animal in a car without ventilation or air conditioning do not realize just how quickly the car will become deadly. That's why this act would require every single new car to have technology built in to detect the presence of an animal or child in a car that's turned off. This would alert unwitting people if they accidentally left an animal or child in the car and it's not safe. And it would save lives! 

Children and animals alike don't have a way to get out of a car if they become too hot or too cold. Even worse, many places have laws against a good Samaritan saving the life of an animal or child by breaking the car's windows. This is another gross example of our society valuing property over life and we can't stand for it!

While the act is called the Hot Car Act, animals and children also die in cold cars. That's why this technology would be so great - it would alert a driver anytime a living being is in danger! 14 children have already died in hot cars this year and nearly 1000 have died in the last 30 years in the U.S. alone. At least 33 dogs, that we know of, lost their lives in hot cars last year. We have the technology to prevent this, so let's do it!

Sign on to demand Congress enacts this very simple solution to a horrible problem!

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