Saudi Arabia Just Executed 37 People By Beheading

On April 23, 2019 the kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that it had executed 37 men, some of whom were minors when they were arrested. They had been sentenced to death for terrorism-related crimes.

However, the accusations against the men were very vague and there are no open courts and very limited access to lawyers in Saudi Arabia. The men were convicted after sham trials that entirely ignored international fair trial standards, and that used torture to extract confessions of guilt. They were also Shi'a Muslims, a Saudi minority that has increasingly faced repression.

The U.S. is an ally of Saudi Arabia.

But the U.S. is better than this. We must condemn Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for these horrendous executions and demand that the Trump administration stand up for human rights and cut ties with this brutal regime.

If you agree, please sign my petition demanding that the Trump administration condemn these horrific acts and stop supporting Saudi Arabia.

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