Send Ramba to Freedom

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  • ontvanger: President of Chile : Michelle Bachelet

Ramba the Asian elephant was snatched from the wild when she was just one year old. For decades she worked as a circus elephant in Chile and Argentina. But while she brought thousands of families joy, she suffered.

At 51, Ramba has been alone for most of her life. She was deprived of a life in the wild with her family, and once in captivity she was deprived of even the most basic elephant necessities, the ability to socialize with others of her kind.

8 years ago the Government of Chile confiscated the her from the circus with hopes of sending her to a sanctuary where she could finally be free. But plans fell through and for years she has lingered, waiting for another chance to come along. Her current home is a roadside zoo.  

Now she has a chance, no not only live in a sanctuary, but also be around other rescued elephants. An elephant sanctuary in Brazil has offered to take her. But as of yet, there isn't enough money to get her from Chile to Brazil. The sanctuary needs a quarter of a million dollars to transport the 4.5-ton pachyderm where she will get to spend the rest of her days on a 2,800 acre paradise. If they can't raise the funds, her second chance at freedom could also fall through.

Chile rescued Ramba once, and now they have the chance to do it again. And this time make it final. Let's ask the nation of Chile to donate the remaining amount of money to the fund to send Ramba to Brazil so she can once and for all - after 50 long years - know freedom.

Update #1Een jaar geleden

Thanks to all of you for taking the time and caring to help rescue Ramba. More than 138,000 people have added their names to this great cause. If you would like to contribute to the fund to help send Ramba to the sanctuary you can do so by visiting this link:
Thanks again and Happy New Year!
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