Demand The Ruthless Murder of Innocent Fish End, Now!

    You swing by the pet store and pick up fish for only a few dimes. Wouldn't this be perfect to feed your aquarium life? They get to experience hunting down a fish and you won't have to feed them for a little while.
    Last year, I adopted two axolotls. The previous owner told me getting fish every so often as a rich supplement to their diet was important. I bought five feeder fish and watched the axolotls hunt them down. I felt sick to my stomach. This was unethical! I cried and powered through it by thinking "It's nature. Your taking care of the axolotls. It's okay." Which was how I managed to stomach buying five more.
    Three curious little fish were snapped up in a heartbeat. Two remained. The next day, one was eaten.
    Only one left.
    That fish stayed in there for three months before I took him out and adopted him as my own. He lived to be 1 year 3 months.
    I never bought more feeder fish after that, because not only was it unethical, research had uncovered something.
    The horrible conditions feeder fish often end up with the little feeder babies (yes, their are usually only a few days old when you buy them) bringing in diseases and parasites that can kill a whole tank.
    Additionally, say your feeder fish ISN'T diseased. Those fish are so malnourished that your animal could eat tons of them and never be full. It's a much safer option to breed your own fish if that's the only way you can feed them, use pellets, flakes, or other prepared food items.
    Using these poor, malnourished, sick fish has no benefits.
    Feeder fish are unethical, diseased, and don't even fill up your pet- their whole purpose. Stand with me and illegalize this fish to save lives of these fish and pets.
    petitie tekenen
    petitie tekenen
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