A Bear Sanctuary in Connecticut Could Prevent Bear Deaths!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Connecticut State Legislature

Bear habitats are changing – and a lot of that is thanks to humans. As more sprawling developments cut into bear territory, bears' access to prey changes dramatically. This makes bear-human interactions much more likely, sadly putting more bears at risk for euthanization. But the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in Montana is addressing this problem by providing sanctuary for bears who would otherwise be euthanized after encounters with humans.

Sign now to tell Connecticut to commit to funding a similar sanctuary model as the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center!

Connecticut has the highest rate of complaints of bear intrusion of any state in the country. And unfortunately, bear-human sightings and interactions too often lead to bears being euthanized. 

Bears that are a nuisance to human communities don't deserve to be killed. Creating a bear sanctuary like the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center would not only save bear lives, it would also create an opportunity to educate the public about these amazing mammals!

Sign the petition now to urge the Connecticut State Legislator to invest in a bear sanctuary to save the bears who are euthanized after all-too-common bear-human encounters!

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