This Oil Company Joked About Greta Thunberg Being Sexually Assaulted

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: X-Site Energy Services
Greta Thunberg has taken the global climate conversation by storm with her tenacity, intelligence, and dedication to creating a better, livable world for her own generation and those to come. It's no surprise that the fossil fuel industry would be scared of such a force. But one oilfield company in Alberta, Canada has retaliated in a sickening way. X-Site Energy Services distributed a sticker throughout its workforce depticing the sexual assault of Ms. Thunberg.

Sign the petition today demanding that those responsible lose their jobs, and that X-Site Energy Services remove all distributed stickers and apologize to Greta Thunberg.

One Alberta resident, who has family in the oil industry and is a supporter of its presence in her town, said she wept when she saw the sticker. Seeing such a violent and degrading act would bring out an emotional response in almost anyone, especially when you consider that Greta Thunberg is a minor.

When asked about a sticker including the rape of a minor and his company's name in the same image, Doug Sparrow, X-Site's general manager, said, "She's not a child, she's 17."

Doug Sparrow, and anyone involved in these stickers' conception and creation, ought to be ashamed. Please call for those involved to be investigated and fired, for X-Site Energy Services to recall and destroy all distributed stickers, and lastly for the company to issue an apology for this heinous stunt. Sign the petition today!
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