Africa's "Super Tuskers" Are Getting Shot By Trophy Hunters

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Tanzanian Wildlife Authorities

Africa's "super tuskers," are elephants with tusks weighing over 100 pounds. Sadly, these amazing creatures are in grave danger. Their large tusks, a symbol of their grandeur, have made them targets, leading to their decline. Recently, another super tusker in Tanzania was reportedly shot and killed by a trophy hunter. The devastating killing, which allegedly involved a prominent American trophy hunter from Texas, highlights the growing threat to these majestic animals.

Sign the petition to demand an immediate reinstatement and enforcement of the moratorium on trophy hunting of elephants between Kenya and Tanzania, respecting the nearly 30-year agreement.

This is reportedly the third "super tusker" gunned down near the Tanzanian-Kenyan border in the last six months. The recent hunt, sanctioned by Kilombero North Safaris, undermines decades of conservation efforts and international agreements aimed at protecting these cross-border elephant populations.

Some hunters argue that it's ethical to hunt older male elephants, claiming these elephants are past their prime and not crucial to the herd. However, this belief is deeply flawed. Older males play a vital role in elephant societies. They're often the leaders who guide younger elephants, teaching them essential survival skills and behaviors. Plus, contrary to the hunters' claims, these elder elephants are still active breeders, contributing valuable genes to the population. 

These elephants are crucial for their communities, contributing to genetic diversity and the stability of elephant societies. With possibly as few as 50 left, their loss impacts not just their populations but the entire ecosystem. 

Sign the petition to demand the moratorium on trophy hunting of elephants between Kenya and Tanzania is reinforced to protect these magnificent animals!

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