This Man Had Over 100 Dogs Removed From His Property Because of Animal Abuse

A Tacoma man has been charged with over 75 counts of animal cruelty in a shocking and horrifying case. Over the course of two years, this man has had over 100 dogs removed from his property. To make matters worse, the man has been accused of not simply abusing animals, but actively profiting off of their exploitation by running a dog-fighting ring. Dog-fighting is incredibly cruel and causes so much suffering for the animals pitted against each other. Anyone who is capable of doing this much harm to living, breathing, sentient animals should receive counseling. 

Sign the petition to demand Tacoma authorities require this man to receive counseling! 

The perpetrator of these heinous acts was sentenced to time in custody and probation, and most importantly, to a lifetime ban on animal ownership or even residing with other animals. This is a key step towards protecting any more dogs from suffering under this person's care. But this man should also be mandated to receive counseling to help reduce the chances he will ever try to harm another animal in the future. 

Luckily, only one of the dogs taken from the property needed to receive emergency medical treatment, and all have been safely relocated to new homes.

This man produced enormous suffering, and it is vital he goes to counseling to ensure he reflects on his actions and doesn't consider harming any more animals in the future. If you agree, sign the petition now!

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