TURKS OUT OF NATO and to ICC, International Court

  • van: Anonymous
  • ontvanger: NATO, ICC, European Parliament, USA Army, EU politicians, ICC the Hague

The Turks are again attacking Kurds, now in Syria. Genocide happening NOW!

The Turks do not allow free Press. Journalists in jail.

People opposing Erdogan's government are taken into prison and been abused

Erdogan called other NATO members Hitler ( Rutte, president of the Netherlands)

Army and Universities have changed their personal. Professors in jail.

Shooting down Russian aircraft. Pulling NATO into war risks

Security Service has been changed totally.

Not allowing German officials into Turkey to visit their NATO troupes.

Blackmailing EU, with refugee problems.

Giving aid and trades with ISIL.

Turkish military flee for asylum in Western countries.

Not a reliable member, and still not responsible on matters as Armenia.

As it is about war crimes, we want Erdogan to face ICC Int. Court , the Hague, the Netherlands.

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