Whirlpool should offer refunds to customers as part of its washing machine recall

I'm Andy Slaughter, the MP for Hammersmith, and I'm working with Which? to demand Whirlpool offers refunds to affected customers as part of its washing machine recall.

As part of Whirlpool's recall of more than 500,000 of its fire-risk washing machines in UK homes, we are concerned that the company is only offering repair or replacement of machines and is not offering affected customers refunds.

This is the company's second major safety recall in the last year, following the enforced recall of up to 800,000 of its fire-risk tumble dryers in UK homes in July 2019, and will cause significant disruption for people who are now unable to use their washing machines for an indeterminate amount of time.

Offering refunds would ensure that those customers who say they no longer feel safe using one of these machines or don't want a Whirlpool-brand appliance in their home also have options available to them under the terms of the recall.

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