Purina: Please Don't Discontinue Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Yesterday's News non-clumping cat litter is a very popular litter that has been on the market for years. I found it for the first time while visiting my cat at the vet hospital, and has been using it since then, more than 15 years ago now. What I like the most about this litter is that is made of recycled paper, has the option of free scent, has a non-clumping easy to clean pellets, and comes in a paper bag instead of a plastic one, which makes it a true environmental product. So, why to discontinue such a great cat litter? I ask Purina to PLEASE reconsider their decision for the sake of so many customers that rely on this product, as well as for the sake of the environment.

If you agree with this pledge, please sign this petition and share it online.
Please use this link to contact Purina a leave to your complaint about their decision to discontinue Yesterday's News cat litter.


Thank you!!

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